Purchase the same surveillance spy gear used by licensed private detectives & law enforcement. Our products include hidden cameras, spy video surveillance equipment, audio hidden surveillance equipment, telephone audio recorders, gps surveillance tracking devices, bug detectors (video & audio bugs), camera surveillance systems, & computer surveillance software.

Why People Choose Us Over Others

  • We sell the same spy supplies used by private detectives & law enforcement.
  • All our surveillance equipment includes a 1 Year Replacement Warranty on defects (software products not included).
  • Burbridge Detective Agency is recognized as a top trusted company - Better Business Bureau Grade of A+.

GPS Vehicle Trackers


Phone / Voice Recorders


Cell Phone Data Recovery


Hidden Home & Office Cameras

Covert Video - Covert Audio - Body Worn Cameras

tissue box hidden camera
Sutton Wall Clock Hidden Camera

Listening Devices

pen voice recorder 3

Bug Detectors

multifunctional bug sweeper

Surveillance Camera Systems

Night Watch Hidden Camera
Sunglasses DVR

Computer Surveillance

spy cobra deluxe

Detection Kits

Drug Testing Kit

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